Still alive?

>> Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello old friend. How are you doing there? There are many reasons why I stop blogging for awhile but mainly because I have been writing everyday from Monday to Friday in the office. So I just need a little R&R when I am back home.

Life's good so far with new colleagues and random jobs coming in but there is no time to be satisfied yet. So, what brings me back here? Just to look around and check my own blog out to see what's happening. All I can tell is a new blogger interface, which I am not familiar with. Thank God it is very clean.

Found this video while randomly looking for stuff so might as well share it here to give some life to this blog. For Running Man fans, it is a collaboration involving Kim Jong Kook, Gary and HaHa. Enjoy:


Pros and cons

>> Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here's a post from me that was inspired by Just reading this post by him gave me an idea on what to write *cough draw cough*. By the way, for those who wants to laugh until they fart or just enjoy craptastic reading, support his work!

Anyway here's my version. Enjoy (I hope wtf):

Pros of owning a gun:

Probably look bad ass with it.

Cons of owning a gun:

You probably shoot yourself on the leg while playing with it.

Cons of being Edward Cullen:

Pros of being Edward Cullen:

He glitters so instant torchlight

Pros of living with 3 girls:

You feel like that.

Cons of living with 3 girls:

Their period came at the same time.

Calv out!


Summary of days in Hong Kong

>> Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello fellow wonderful, lovely, talented readers wtf. Sorry for the absence. After rushing through my work and one week trip plus few more days of nothingness, here I am back again! Yes, I do have a life outside blogging (ignore the word nothingness there fml)!

Of course right now, I got my mojo back! Err, sort of. Okay, I got it back now! So let it begin before it escapes me again (because imma post lots of pictures muahahahahaha wtf).

Let me just first talk a little bit about my trip in Hong Kong before I bombard you with pictures.

Firstly, a myth will be debunk. The people in Hong Kong are not as rude as I thought they would be. Sure they seem to be rushing to places all the time but not as rude as I heard. Of course there is this one case when I have to slowdown to look around and then suddenly one sweaty chef shouted "Hang Hoi!!" (Move aside!!) at me wtf. It was 10 degrees and he is actually sweaty with singlet on. That must be some kind of hell's kitchen.

Secondly, is the space there. What space? There is barely none!! All you get to see are high rise buildings. If you think KL is a concrete jungle, wait until you see THE concrete jungle. But, below all those concrete jungle is another story. There are lots and lots of small stores. And the food there is cheap! So go up high for class and go way down for... grass? Sorry, can't rhyme it wtf.

Finally is their MTR. Until now I have no idea what it means and I am too lazy to Google it so I shall call it Most Terrer Railway. Our LRT really kalah teruk (lose badly) to the MTR. I think it takes two or three of our trams to match one tram in MTR. And yes, while reading this, you might pronounce MTR as MRT in Singapore. I know I did. #guilty

Finally finally (Yes, just let me add one more). In the MTR, it is like war. Seriously. If you think that you manage to be first in line, just wait and see. When the MTR arrives, out of nowhere, you will be the last in line. Their cutting line technique is lvl87 compare to our mere lvl32 wtf.

Okay, as promised, here are the pictures:

Day One: The Peak (literally)

Don't worry, no suicidal thoughts here.

Bush said show me the money.

Day Two: I forgot wtf

My shot for the night lights there.

Hallelujah! OK, I have no idea what they sang

Santa, you lost some weight. Must be the 2D effect wtf

Day Three: Disney... wait for it.. Land!

After all this work is sexy time at night wtf

The castle you see in every Disney movie, minus the people

Snow White looked high on drugs. Seriously.

Stitch was just too tall

Day Four: Museum for free! (and getting lost)[and Mong Kok]

Look at the structure of the sign.. It is so.. Who am I kidding, it is just an ordinary sign wtf

Because it is a barrel of FUN! whistle~

When you see it...

Hello market that beats our longest pasar malam.

Day Five: Wet wet at Ocean Park wtf

Entertaining dude and he speaks better Cantonese than me fml

Proof that we were in Ocean Park.

And yes, I sat the scariest roller coaster there. #victorybaby.jpg

Floating dude

Day 6: Stan Lee.. I mean Stanley Market

Again, proof

Hence, began our exploration and Indiana Jones I am not wtf

Oh, the irony

Did I mentioned 'summary' on the title? I meant 'sort-of-a-summary'. Kthxbye.
Calv out!



>> Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yes, this is yours truly! No, I haven't forgot about my blog!! Did my blog miss me? If my blog can talk, it will just say FUCK YOU to me wtf.

Anyway, the reason I am blogging at such ungodly hour is because I can't sleep. Nah, just kidding. I am on the way to KLIA!! Quick, ask me why!!! Since you ask so politely (I am so lonely that I assume people actually ask me fml) I am flying off to Hong Kong!!

Yeah man! I was rushing my work and hence the super less update for December. Let me think of a topic to blog about. Looking at my surroundings, I got nothing wtf.

Anywhere I should visit in HK? Alright, that's all for now. I am practically sleep blogging now wtf. Don't miss me (please miss me wtf).

Calv out!


5 Ridiculously Addicting Memes

>> Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks to this video, I can finally brush the dust off this article. It has been sitting in my drafts collecting dust. Plus, all my info are mostly typed out wtf.

There were a lot of definition for meme but for now, I just want to touch on Internet meme. Make my life a bit easier. Anyway, here's a very simple definition of meme: An image, video, etc. that is passed electronically from one Internet user to another. OK, so that's not that clear. Here's what I think it should be: Ideas and concept that spread via Internet.

That's that. Now onto my top picks for favourite memes:

5 - I can has cheezburger?

The power of bad grammar or typo has earn its place in history. Err, I think so. Anyway, combine this with a cat and you will get LolCats. Initially, I really don't know what's so funny about it but it has its own charm.

You have this all thanks to a dude name Eric Nakagawa. With 1.5 million hits a day, he is LOL'ing for himself. It must be the mix heritage wtf.

Anyway thanks to that, you will get a lot more cats with their cat-astrophic grammar wtf wtf. Must be the lolcats effect.

4 - Horrifying House guest

I like horror so this meme is a no brainer. Normally, memes are suppose to make you laugh if not insulted. But take a look at this one and you know you'll definitely feel uneasy after reading the captions. BOO wtf.

It first came about as a great pencil sketch. Then it got spread around with people adding text to the image an cropping it. And then the popularity increased. If you don't know this, it is still alright. The sketch first appeared this year on June 28.

This is one of my favourite.

Oh well, that's it. Just make sure you are a good runner. The light switch seems awfully far from you.

3 - Awesome smiley

I am ashamed to say that I've never actually seen this before until I saw Wei Lian using this as her Firefox background. This smiley gain popularity in forums. The Awesome Face was actually part of a few emoticons designed for the Pokemon-related web forum Pokemopolis. To find out more about it, just head over here.

The reason for using this smiley is very simple. It is a sign of approval. Saw a delicously cooked bacon topped with whatnot from expensive market? Awesome smiley. Beat someone in an Internet comment debate? Awesome smiley. Think my blog is cool? Awesome smiley. wtf

2 - Trollface

One of the most epic memes is the Trollface. In the face of disaster or absurd, he is there. Plus, with a face like that, anyone will want to punch the person. As you know, the Trollface is very successful as it has one of its own comic site.

The origin of this meme is sort of the ultimate trolling. A MSPaint comic made by deviantArt user Whynne about the pointless nature of trolling was uploaded on September 19th, 2008. That means he was AGAINST trolling. He wanted to base the face on a character called Rape Rodent. Little did he know that this comic he drew created a trollface Internet phenomenon!

The original comic:

The irony works against Whynne. But I thank him wtf.

1 - Nyan Cat

Oh yeah, I was addicted to this. Like seriously. Imagine listening to it for almost an hour. The same repetitive music. The same cat. The same space. After that, all I could say was nyan nyan nyan nyan the whole day wtf.

We have this wonderful phenomenon thanks to a dude who called himself prguitarman. Before Nyan Cat, he named it Pop Tart Cat. The evolution of its name is thanks to a YouTuber, saraj00n, who uses a Vocaloid's song called Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya. I kid you not. Such songs were ACTUALLY composed (by a Japanese artist named Daniwell-P)wtf.

Despite all the craziness, when Pop Tart Cat and Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya combined, it became a land filled with gold. Right now, you can even go to an official site for you to test how long you can stand it: . It is no joke that we need a cat that shits rainbow as the ambassador for world peace. Seriously wtf.

Just click here for one more Trollface before I end my article.

Calv out

If you actually did that you've been Rick Roll'd!


The pop song "Never gonna give you up" was sung by Rick Astly. How this happen is quite simple. In the beginning, it was known as Duckroll. I seriously have no idea how did that happened. That's when you will see a duck in wheels.

After awhile, it evolved to this thanks to the wonders of Youtube. The idea here is to trick a user (you if you did click, HAHAHA) to click on a fake link by providing them fake information such as "THE NEW PREVIEW OF AVENGERS 2012" or something like that wtf.

For an in depth read, like seriously a research was actually done about memes, here you go.

Calv out (for realz)

It is actually here.

Calv out! (for realz, for realz)


Horrible incident

>> Sunday, November 20, 2011

Long and whining post ahead. If you have the time, please read it.

The short version is this: Colleague got robbed. Head got slashed. Report to police. Doctor don't want to treat because got medical report to fill. Police not helping in anyway. System is fuck up.

This is something horrible that happened a week ago. One of my colleague got robbed. That's not the worst part. He got slashed as well. Worst still, THAT is not the worst part. First, let me start with his story. He was walking to his car and got his head into the car when two idiots approached him.

The first guy tapped his shoulder. When my colleague looked back, his head got hit by the guy's machete (parang). He was bleeding but not profusely. The next guy kept on poking his stomach with a GUN. What you expect to happen? They took his stuff and ran off in a black car (not local car). My colleague went to office without realising that his head was bleeding. Talk about shock.

When I arrived at office and heard the whole story, I was of course shocked as well. I followed him to the police station to help him translate from English to BM. The police was nice at first asking him the usual. Where it happen and how it happen. Do he recognise the people and car plate.

The horrific part starts now. After that, we need to fill up the medical part of the form. So we went to the clinic. Apparently private clinics refuse to treat him citing the reason that only government clinic or General Hospital can fill in the report. So we thought fine.

We returned to the police hoping that they could help us. But no! They said that all this is out of their jurisdiction. So what if it is out of their jurisdiction? Haven't they heard of the term GOOD SAMARITAN? Just take him to the nearest government clinic or hospital. Simple as that! And they call themselves police. Guess what, they did nothing so I got fed up and left the place to head to the nearest government clinic.

Later, I drove my colleague over to a government clinic near Jalan Usahawan. Pusat Keluarga something. That freaking clinic, mind you, a GOVERNMENT CLINIC, refused to treat him as well. I was about to shout at them for not wanting to treat an injured 50 YEAR OLD MAN. All this just because there was a police report to fill. What? So scared of police? Don't know how to write is it? You talk and I write. Simple.

So with that, we left that stupid place and headed for the GH, Hospital KL. I know that we can drop people off at the emergency section but that place SEALED it off! Seriously. How am I to drop him there?

I have to continue driving inside the GH area following a freaking long jam. IN THE HOSPITAL. There was no parking, no one to help us and no one to guide us. What happened next is that the line that the worker's there formed lead us all the way OUT from the hospital. Way to go. Great job.

My colleague, had enough of it, said that he won't file the medical report and just proceeded with the normal police report. Returning to the police station, we have to continue to file the report with out any medical report in it. After typing it out, we left the police station. He had to go back to office to WIPE the dried blood off his head. Can you IMAGINE if he was seriously injured. Thank everything else that he was alright.

Did I mention that while the policeman was writing the report, he stopped every time to chat with his colleague? Plus, he answered his mobile phone chatting away. Is this the kind of treatment you give to a VICTIM? If that is human, I rather not be a human. Our system is fuck up.

We need to be able to file a report with medical report WITHOUT having government clinic or hospital to treat people. Any doctor will do. So let's take a moment and think. If they do, then what if the clinic refuses to do so as well? That's fuck up too! YOU ARE A DOCTOR. THINK FOR HEAVEN SAKE THE REASON YOU BECAME A DOCTOR. If it is for money, then get the fuck off to hell. Doctors had to take an oath to help people. What happened to that oath?

Seriously folks, our system is entirely fuck up if we need to go through so many procedures. The police won't lend a hand because it is out of their "jurisdiction" and doctors refuse to help because there is a medical report that needs to be filled.

Now you know why a lot of crimes happen.

Calv out.


Quickie Jakarta for Samsung World Tour

>> Friday, November 11, 2011

Lucky me (seriously lucky, no joke) that I got to go to Jakarta, Indonesia for a Samsung event. Nah, I won't be touching on the event there. Work la, don't want to talk too much about it wtf.

Anyway, once we got there, we were rushed for a quick tour in the bus. So most of the pictures you see is mostly from inside the bus wtf.

Picture dump starting NOW:

This is our first stop. Some place like Sungei Wang but WAY bigger. This is the first time I had seen so many optical shops. Like the WHOLE row!!! It created like an optical illusion (pun intended wtf) as if a mirror is there. But thankfully couldn't see my reflection. Or my face will just splat over there wtf.

The Indonesia Monument. That's the closest we were able to go wtf.

You couldn't imagine my joy when I saw the beds. One for me and another one for me! My dream of sleeping horizontally came true wtf. Sadly, there is no time for rest fml.

The view from my room Shangri-la offered. Err, that's all wtf.

Ritz Carlton's shopping area. Reminds me of JW Marriot in KL but much brighter wtf.

My attempt at not sucking with fine dining fail miserably.... T.T

The power of bamboo. Who needs steels? We should adopt this. Maybe Jackie Chan will come.

Just because I can.

Our last stop before heading to airport. That shrimp was looking at me like "I dare you to eat me!" and I did wtf.

Oh, that's the name of our last stop.

Err, that's about it. Not so bad right? I feel like a mix of food blogger blend with architecture photographer wtf.

Seriously, there was really no time for me to sit and observe people. If there was time, you'll get to see at least one crummy picture of myself. You know, vain pot attempt wtf.

Here's two things I learnt from the tour guide while I was in Jakarta.

Private own cars need to have at the very least three passengers. If not, the police can saman! Yea, they will fine you 300,000 Rupiah! So the driver's solution is to pick up passengers along the way. There will be people standing on the road with their index finger pointing up showing them that they are available. Best part is, other than the free ride, they get PAID for siting in the car. From 25,000 Rupiah onwards. I could do that as a side income wtf.

Another thing was the fact that you can really see the divide between the poor and the rich. Just look at the houses and you'll know. It moves gradually from wooden houses to brick houses to high rise apartments. But according to our tour guide, even the poor can make money. They will normally stand around U-turn or traffic light asking for money. And in a day, they can earn 10,000 Rupiah. So in a year, their 'income' is 3,000,000 Rupiah. Not a lot but it is enough to survive.

Calv out


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